Tom-SwihartThis website and  blog is all about water management in Florida. That’s because water is so important to Florida and I spent a career in water management at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. I have a continuing interest in the topic partly because I have written a book on Florida water management  (Florida’s Water:  A Fragile Resource in a Vulnerable State). I also like to take Florida photos and use those in the website header.

Water is always interesting and I hope that readers agree. You can subscribe on the home page to receive notifications of new posts. If you have a topic that would be good to post, please let me know.

Tom Swihart


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  1. Tom, you are doing a great service for Florida. We can never give up on trying to protect the qulaity of life in Our State. Thank you. Estus

  2. Tom, I am glad you are here to remind us all of the essential business of Florida: to protect our natural resources on which all life depends. I hope that your readership expands everyday and helps reignite Floridians’ passions about what we share!

  3. Tom, your site is the perfiect counter balance to my roundhouse swings … perfect! You give’em facts with documentation. I give’em facts sprinkled with a little hopefully pointed opinion. Thanks for what you do. To the extent I can be, keeps me focused. Keep up the good work!

  4. I am currently the Coordinator for the Apalachicola Sub-basin Caucus, ACFS. After 20+ years of impasse in the courts, we formed ACFS in 2009 to shape a non-litigous, tri-state agreement (FL-AL-GA) for an equitable sharing of the waters of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Rivers basin. Our 6 riparian counties form 1 of four sub-basin caucus on the ACFS Governing Board. Three major, consultant supported contracts are underway: A Sustainable Water Management Assessment, an In-stream flow and Lake Levels Assessment, and a Regional Water Management Options assessment. Getting an acceptable, scientifically valid way to adjudicate between competing Stakeholders’ claims on the same limited resource needs all the qualified help we can get.

  5. I attended the Florida Conservation Coalition rally at Silver River State Park on Saturday. It was an amazing gathering with passion running high. I am joining the tide of grassroots Floridians who must take back the state from those who consider only the bottom line today for themselves rather than the health of the state for the future.

  6. Tom, very interesting web site. I am a 2nd genteration water well conractor and feel I have considerable knowledge about the water in central Florida. I’m very involved in this industry and believe in our ‘protect the resource’ mission. I am a director with the Florida Ground Water Association (FGWA.org) and director/President-Elect of the Nationa Ground Water Association (NGWA.org). If I can be of any service let me know.

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  8. I enjoyed your analysis and comparison about park funding vs water management funding. Keep up the good work. I found a paper that has some shocking (to me) information about waste water injection wells, and how the pollution in them spreads along fractures or faults in the ground. This study was especially about algal blooms and coral reef death. The study demonstrated it was caused by migration of wastewater from the injection wells along the fault lines to emerge under the reefs. http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/jgg/article/view/42529/23272

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