The Stand Your Water law

Supreme Court Justice William Douglas, in a famous 1972 opinion, said that the court should grant environmental entities legal standing “to sue for their own preservation.” More recently, the Florida Center for Earth Jurisprudence has called for us to “recognize the inherent right of [Florida] springs to continue to flow as they have for thousands of years.”

Sounds great. It doesn’t go far enough, though. We need to adopt a Florida Stand Your Water Law-patterned upon existing Stand Your Ground laws. This only makes sense. It is well-known that spring water comes from the Ground(!). Following the principles laid down by the Legislature in recent years, any spring will be fully authorized to use force to defend itself.

Those who threaten the health of springs in the future will be well advised to desist. Although some springs have friendly names like Alexander and Betty Jay, other names like Sandbag, Idiots Delight, Coffin, and Vortex give fair warning. Who knows, they might feel compelled to suck you underground.


The Stand Your Water law — 7 Comments

  1. So, has the Florida Center for Earth Jurisprudence filed for the right of the springs to be represented in court? It seems like getting legal standing for water is a very important 1st step.

    And if corporations can be people, why not springs and rivers, creeks, the aquifer and lakes? They do a lot more for the common good than most corporations and are responsible for a lot of jobs as well!

  2. David, I think that the “standing” question would require legislation to be effective. And your idea of incorporation of waterbodies to give them “personhood” is creative. They could get all kinds of tax breaks and at long last be free to speak loudly.

  3. Thought of Andy’s cartoon when I read your piece. He is one of Pensacola’s treasurers. Glad both of you are watching out for Florida.