Sugarland Rally September 1

My last post was about the failure to do the needful for the Apalachicola River and Bay system but the same story is true elsewhere in Florida. A current pressing example is how misguided water water management practices and structures in south Florida are blowing out estuaries on both East and West Coasts this summer and fall. The “Sugarland Rally” on September 1 in Clewiston is part of the effort to craft “an immediate solution to the ecological and economic crisis caused by discharges from Lake Okeechobee.” If Florida leaders are not leading the effort to solve many water problems across the state, they need to be reminded of their responsibilities.


Sugarland Rally September 1 — 1 Comment

  1. I have a home on a canal on Fort Myers Beach and we are disgusted with the color of our water. Are there a few key legislators that we can email too along with a cohesive streamlined message that we can send to each one? I can get my family and friends to help the cause as well! Thanks for what you are doing to stop this madness.