Florida Is Number One!!

Why is there always so much interest in Florida water management?  One reason is that the water resources of Florida are unique or at least very unusual:

  1. More thunderstorms than any other state.
  2. More hurricanes.
  3. Second-most damaging hurricane (Andrew, exceeded only by Katrina).
  4. Greatest dependence on groundwater as a source of supply for drinking water.
  5. Most(?) groundwater of any state.
  6. Highest number of large springs.
  7. Only one Everglades.
  8. Highest percentage of state is wetlands (even after drainage).
  9. Highest number of National Estuary Program designations (Charlotte Harbor, Indian River Lagoon, Sarasota Bay, and Tampa Bay).
  10. Only state with a full regional system of multipurpose water management districts.

(Lake Okeechobee is very large in surface area but still is only the second-largest fresh water lake entirely within the lower 48.  It is dwarfed in size by the Great Lakes, the Great Salt Lake of Utah, and Illiamna in Alaska.)

What are some other “Firsts” or “Mosts” for Florida water?


Florida Is Number One!! — 1 Comment

  1. Florida has the world’s biggest restoration project - CERP
    Most First Magnitude Springs in the world - oops you already have this one- how about the most number of spring caves mapped or the longest cave system in a spring
    most use of reclaimed water
    Lowest high point