Water use about the same (still)

Rich Marella, with the USGS, has just released his interesting 10-page report on 2012 Florida water use, updating his much more detailed report on 2010 water use. Total fresh water withdrawals in 2012 were almost identical to 2010 (6,399 mgd vs. 6,382 mgd). We shouldn’t make too much of any apparent trend over such a short period. However, I bet that if 2012 withdrawals happened to be higher than 2010, there would be a lot of quacking about the urgent need to develop new water supplies.


Water use about the same (still) — 4 Comments

  1. Pasco County Commissioners Pat Mulieri, Ted Schrader, Kathryn Starkey, and Henry Wilson approved a limestone blasting permit on May 7, 2021 for Outlaw Ridge, Inc.’s Lago Verde Mine. Lago Verde Mine, a newcomer to the area, is in the cone of influence of Cross Bar Wellfield, a major regional wellfield. So while there may not be a cry for more water sources, it doesn’t mean that county commissioners make wise decisions about protecting the Floridan aquifer and our water source.