Per capita water

PercapPacificWouldn’t it be nice to have a clear visual representation of the different per capita water use rates in Florida? Maybe akin to the new Pacific Institute “Interactive Map” based on data from the California State Water Resources Control Board?

It would allow quick and accurate comparisons between different utility service areas. This information system would create strong incentives for utilities with higher rates to become more efficient. The public would be better served and better able to influence water policy.

I doubt that that we can count on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to require adequate data collection for this purpose or to produce this informative product. If it were wanted, the detailed per capita work already being performed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District could serve as a foundation for improvement.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. We need a “Gulf of Mexico/Florida Bay/Atlantic Ocean Institute(?)” inspired by the work of the Pacific Institute and other independent organizations.


Per capita water — 9 Comments

  1. This would be valuable inforamtion. It would be interesting to know the amount of water used for Agriculture, Industry, Public Supply, Environmental protection, etc. We know we need to conserve water, so this would give us a good idea about where to start.

  2. Here are the FL water use figures from USGS from 2005 that we used in a newsletter for the Blue Path program of Florida’s Eden in summer 2012: public supply, 52%; agricultural irrigation, 31%; commercial-industrial-mining self-supplied, 8.5%; domestic self-supply, 4%; recreational irrigation, 4%. FYI, irrigation for turf grass is a big part of ag irrigation (turf grass as “crop”) and a big part of public supply & domestic self-supply (turf grass as “lawn”). Turf grass in FL needs to go away unless it’s a kind of grass that never needs to be irrigated or fertilized.

  3. This type of information would be very valuable to lots of people and a lot like me.
    thank you for moving forward with this.
    Carole Johns

  4. I’ve read that most of the charges on the water bill are really related to the cost of infrastructure, the water is near to free.

  5. Thanks Tom. That was really cool - Kudos to the resident of the High Desert Water District in the Colorado River Region. I could qualify to live there. Until my co-workers begin complaining, I’m down to two showers a week.

  6. An informed public, “better able to influence water policy”? Good Lord, we can’t have that!