Thinking of water management taxes like a five-year old child

Five-year old children have a problem understanding that a volume of water remains the same even if moved to a different container:



We can see an analagous conceptual inability for the people currently in charge of the water management districts. As in recent years, all of the WMD governing boards again have followed Rick Scott’s orders to cut the property tax millage. The South Florida Water Management District, under pressure from Scott, cut their tax millage level from 0.4110 to 0.3842 mills (p. 53) and the NWFWMD cut it from 0.0390 to 0.0378 mills (p. 43).  It would confuse the kid in the video to see how the SFWMD cut is two-thirds of the very low total NWFWMD millage rate. Why cut the extremely low NWFWMD millage??? They both “cut” taxes so are they the same or different? How puzzling! The demand for a uniform tax “cut” fails to appreciate the enormous tax differences between districts (and their different water management needs).

So, kid, go ahead and dump the “extra” water out of the taller container to make the two volumes “equal.” You may be the perfect person to play around with Florida water management district budgets.


Thinking of water management taxes like a five-year old child — 6 Comments

  1. Enjoyed your metaphor. The SFWMD is now and has been becoming officially an arm of the governor. I believe in years past it was more independent as regions know their own problems better than Tallahassee….The word in the street is that we will be looking to Tallahassee for Everglades restoration as we cannot afford it ourselves. For the people here -we can cannot afford to lose our voice. I think we just may have….There is no price tag high enough to make up for this.

  2. People throughout Florida lack an understanding that the governor appoints the members of the boards of directors of the WMDs *AND* the head of FDEP; this puts control of both water quantity (WMDs) and water quality (FDEP) in the hands of one person-and since FDEP has oversight of the WMDs, that just exacerbates our current horrible situation. Elections matter, and the last two here in FL have, unfortunately, mattered enough to undo 40+ years of BIPARTISAN efforts to preserve our waters and our natural environment.

    • I would add that 373.079(4)(a) additionally provides: “The appointment of an executive director by the governing board is subject to approval by the Governor…”

  3. I thought this was the year of the water? What happens when the floods come back? Maybe Rick Scott can fly back to Paris.

  4. I’m stymied as to whom to complain to. Last time the NWFWMD had their income lowered I called and offered my support but was told they supported the reduction in income.

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