Governors against their state parks

Why do we see Rick Scott’s “interim” secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection promoting zany money raising ideas for state parks? Tea Party Governors do what they do. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker proposed eliminating all general revenue dollars devoted to park operations. Maine Governor LePage wanted to dismantle that state’s Bureau of Parks and Lands and increase timber harvesting on state lands. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is closing state parks and cutting the budget of others. Kansas governor Sam Brownback also has cut state park employees and budgets.

Tea party governors love their state parks but not if they cost anything.


Governors against their state parks — 6 Comments

  1. Obviously, they care nothing about the natural environment and they could care less if the average citizen enjoys the parks. They are only kowtowing to the “we don’t want any taxes ever for anything” crowd and the greedy individuals and corporations who contribute to them so they can get their fannies re-elected. They don’t care about anything but their own personal power and gain. If whatever is left of sane voters don’t realize what they’re losing and get themselves to the polling place, we are all doomed through ignorance, the greatest enemy to our democracy within.

  2. This is maddening and very sad to me since I almost always visit the State and National Parks when I travel. It’s a crime against the local economy for rural areas to stop the income from hotels, campgrounds, stores, gas stations, restaurants and shops to decrease visitation. Add to that the resources that are consumed if the parks are handed over private industry (at Taxpayer’s expense) are not renewable in a reasonable horizon. I hope people will wake up and do something to get rid of these short sighted Governors who want to donate our tax money and investments to private companies. Who’s the real socialist here?

  3. Yep it’s sad and disqusting but we can count on those up for re-election to stay in office. Voters have short memories. On the plus side Florida’S Medicare rip off artist can’t rip off the enviornment after this term…unless of course he runs for national office.

  4. I too wondered about the Tea Party’s agenda when a couple of years ago they were calling for a veto of a seemingly innocuous tax exemption on renewable energy. It was hard to decipher until an insider found that big oil was using the Tea Party as a front. Who knew? Sadly, these are people who have forfeited their God given right to think for themselves and form allegiances like lemmings.

  5. I proudly own a Florida annual family State park pass. As Tom stated on 21 May, our Parks stand-out among other states in generating their own operating expenses; and I think their staff are second-to-none! I am not a tea partier and was very despondent when Rick Scott was re-elected. However, I would rather see the Park Service reserve the option to generate additional revenues, if it served to better manage their resources.

  6. The incredible stupidity of roughly 1/2 of the American voting public is amazing. Whatever these bozo’s hear on Fox or Limbaugh is how they vote. Common sense or ethics be damned. I guess that after Obama takes all of their freedoms, guns and ammunition, the right wing will take their parks, medicare and social security. I am disgusted with the extreme right and their manipulation of the ignorant masses. But I am more disgusted with those in our society that refuse to research or learn the truth about the political positions taken by the radical right.

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