Southwest Florida 1963-2015?

In 1966, the Florida Board of Conservation published a report on “Land and Water Resources Needs and Availability” in the “Southwest Florida” region. Water demand projections went out to 2015 for an area about the same as today’s Southwest Florida Water Management District.

They may have set the record for demand overestimates. The Board projected that water demand in 2015 in the region would be 6.4 billion gallons a day, which is about the same as occurred in 2012 in the entire state and over five times that within the water management district. To meet that enormous demand for water, the report endorsed a series of inland reservoirs and the conversion of upper Old Tampa Bay into a fresh water lake.

We are living in the Board of Conservation’s future but it is not what they expected.


Southwest Florida 1963-2015? — 2 Comments

  1. And of course we are now issuing 50 year permits for water supply (alternative, but still). Really?

  2. I think that was before anyone understood or was willing to admit that that amount of pumping would be unsustainable because of increased saltwater intrusion, reduced lake levels near wellfields etc.despite the fact that overpumping had already killed one spring more than 10 years before. Swiftmnud’s 1992 Needs & Sources report was more realistic.