Doing more water conservation

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, portions of south Florida are moving into drought conditions:

July 7, 2021

Funny, Florida goes into and out of drought, like in 2001:

May 15, 2021

If the current drought intensifies and spreads, probably the best set of water conservation responses was written way back in 2002: the Florida Water Conservation Initiative. Unfortunately, there is no more recent statewide inventory of water conservation possibilities. I am personally fond of that report and it has lots of good ideas that could still be implemented. Even better, the state, in cooperation will all categories of water users, could prepare a new water conservation inventory. Florida droughts will recur.


Doing more water conservation — 3 Comments

  1. I turned off my irrigation system and hand water. It significantly reduced my water bill. Also, I see many people watering during rain storms because their systems are set on automatic and they don’t have a rain sensor. I am talking about cities and commercial properties not just individuals. I would love to see tickets given out for wasting water.

  2. Several years ago the developers were able to purchase the Legislature and our State Statutes were changed to accommodate development that did not have the required roads, schools, etc., infrastructure which included water resources.

    No one knows what conditions would be if they were never removed, however we can certainly surmise that our water resources would be in better condition.

    The real sad thing is that our Legislature is controlled by developers and as such we will probably see much worse conditions before any real changes are made. We have growth without any real control!!

    • Thank the voters who sat on their butts last election and didn’t vote because they “didn’t like either candidate” for governor. Ergo, Flori-duh got the worst choice back in office. He is from NJ where asphalt and concrete are beautiful, the only green that matters is the dollar, and criminal behavior is…. Well, you know.