Florida waterisms

There are lots of Florida-specific acronyms, programs, and place names but those are not “waterisms.” It means a term mostly or exclusively used to describe a fact or concern about Florida water management. Like:

“Backpumping” (Mostly a south Florida term and referring to agricultural users that pump their excess water into a natural water body)

“Deep” reservoir (Meaning a very shallow reservoir but deep by Florida standards)

“Expand the water pie” (A plea for the government to help pay to develop water supplies)

“Finger-fill canal” (Old-fashioned dead-end canal networks designed to maximize waterfront footage)

“Hydropattern” (The temporal and spatial patterns of flooding in wetlands)

“Reclaimed water” (In most other places, called “reused” or “recycled” domestic wastewater.)

“Reservation” (Setting aside water from withdrawal as necessary for the protection of fish and wildlife or public health and safety)

“Springshed” (Area within a ground or surface water basin that contributes to spring flow) (Not the practicing of gathering elk antlers in Colorado in April)

“Water lost to tide” (Runoff beyond what the speaker wants to occur)

There are many more Florida waterisms because of unique hydrology and water management practices.


Florida waterisms — 5 Comments

  1. Engineers like to use “water lost to tide”. It completely misses the point about ecological flow needs of estuaries.

    • Engineers also like to use presumptive criteria when modeling stormwater discharge for permitting, which is perfectly legal and readily accepted by the WMD’s, who oftentimes waive water quality certifications without confirmatory data. I’ve seen stormwater permits issued by the WMD for sites that later became contamination areas in need of cleanup and remediation as authorized by the FDEP. Another troubling example is a permitted stormwater outfall to an OFW permitted by the WMD with high fecal coliforms from potential illicit connections, which were never investigated. And this is a MS4 outfall also permitted by the FDEP. Neither agency has required sampling of this major outfall. You can’t make this stuff up!! Presumptive criteria that escape model calibration or verification continues to fly under the radar the of the scientific community. But it will be difficult, if not politically impossible, to confirm and verify the efficacy of presumptive criteria. It’s in the rulebook. I wonder who pushed this rule through without considering needs for confirmation? The engineers who profit from unverified models?

  2. ASR= Another Silly “Reservoir” ? Explain to me reservoirs in Florida…with groundwater so close to the surface, even if you pump “excess” water into a reservoir, as you draw it down are you not sucking groundwater away from other areas? You should do an article explaining how these and other “water storage” projects are supposed to work.

  3. Here’s some more thoughts

    STA-cleansing marshes. serves as a man made buffer against ag and development and hopefully aids to protect more pristine waters

    Over capacity-many canals in south Florida will fail during a”l00 year event” due to too much water in a short period of time. Releasing fresh water to tide (saline) tricky if high tide, where does the water go? It seeks its own level.

    Old definition for water management district WMD
    new definition-weapon of mass destruction-just kidding?

  4. Good ones. We may be testing some new definitions for “expand the water pie”:

    1. Creating an illusion that there is more water than there really is.
    2. Who cares about the pie? I just want a bigger slice of it.