Medicaid and Land and Water

Republicans in the Florida House of Representatives decided on Friday by an overwhelming vote to turn down many billions of dollars for health care for low-income Floridians. Those same legislators are refusing to implement fairly the Land and Water Constitutional Amendment. Those two events are not some weird inexplicable coincidence.

Look at the two maps below. First, one that Matthew Isbell created after last Friday’s vote in the Florida House. It shows, by legislative district, which representatives favored or rejected the Senate’s Medicaid expansion plan:

Then, look at the map below from the Water and Land Legacy effort, showing the percent of citizens that voted in favor of Amendment 1, again by House districts:

You can see how blobs of blue (pro Medicaid) stand out on the first map and how they correspond to blobs of green (pro Land and Water) on the second map. This is so even though the two maps are organized differently. The “Medicaid” map shows the simple Yes/No of Florida Representatives by districts. In contrast, the Land/Water map shows relative strengths of voter support for Amendment 1. Even with this difference, Medicaid and Land and Water votes are similar.

Almost all important public policy issues in Florida are deeply political and partisan. Including water.


Medicaid and Land and Water — 4 Comments

  1. Medicaid and Land/Water conservation are linked in yet another way: by refusing to accept hundreds of millions of dollars from the Federal Government to help less fortunate people obtain medical insurance, the Florida Legislature feels compelled to divert money from land and water conservation TO hospitals that treat the uninsured. I used to think that many legislators were stupid; now I think that many of these people are just plain mean.

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