They don’t like you very much

Too many Florida legislators think of voters as annoying intruders on their very conservative bubble. To them, the 75% of voters who favored Amendment 1 are like fictional town idiots:



One reason they don’t like you is that you don’t have enough money. A third or more of Florida legislators are millionaires; all of them know that political donations come mostly from the wealthy.  A recent paper confirms that public policy is responsive almost entirely to the wishes of the well-off:


If Floridians continue to accept this state of affairs, then they truly will be the idiots. Florida’s natural heritage will be a prime victim.


They don’t like you very much — 2 Comments

  1. A vast majority of residents have no idea what is taking place because they no longer read newspapers and rely on TV..also known as “police Blotter News” . which seldom covers the stories affecting the land,air and water because “if it doesn’t bleed” it’s not news.. Welcome to the dumbing down of America of which the younger generation is among the major subscribers..The future for change is bleak at best.

  2. Love the video. Our Florida legislators are complicit with the death of the Everglades, the destruction of south Florida thru salt water intrusion, the destruction of our drinking water, and the death of the St Lucy Estuary. They all need to be voted out.Not only did they ignore us they did not come up any solutions to deal with these issues and they certainly did not promote a conversation.

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