It is a little surprising, at least to me, that the current talk about changing Florida water policy hasn’t included more discussion of flood hazards and floodplain management. After all, Florida has 37% of all flood insurance policies in the United States. Maybe most legislators don’t want to talk about flood hazard prevention and wise floodplain management because that would require also talking about climate change. Rising sea levels and altered precipitation patterns are major flood determinants. If you don’t talk about the possibility of more high-rainfall events, they won’t happen?


Floods? — 4 Comments

  1. It seems as if storing floodwaters, preferably in historical wetlands that have been ditched and drained over the past 100 years, could significantly help solve water supply problems as well. 100’s of new stormwater treatment/flood storage/wetland nature parks with boardwalks and walking trails scattered around the state along the lines of a green infrastructure movement sounds like a win/win/win!