Florida water meanings

One reason that thinking about water is so difficult is that it attracts so many interpretations and meanings. Two examples:

We have to thank the Springs Eternal Project for a mesmerizing 12-minute video that is a “joyful, humorous and deeply affectionate underwater tour through some of the splendid flora and fauna of Florida’s marvelous springs”:

SWIMMING THROUGH AIR from Lesley Gamble on Vimeo.

Florida water cologne-2A different perspective, but somehow related, is the history and marketing of “Florida Water.” This inexpensive cologne dates back to 1808, was used by both men and women, and originally drew upon the myth of a Florida Fountain of Youth. Still sold today, it has been used in “rituals of home protection and spiritual cleaning” including religious practices in Santeria. Another use is in cold towels for cooling down after athletic events.

These two examples show how one person’s internal collection of mental symbols of Florida water can be strikingly different from that of another person. The language of Florida Water has many dialects.

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