South Dakota Ag. Department disses Florida?

Thanks to Kay McDonald for writing about a report from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture. They concluded that agricultural production is more important there than in any other state, amounting to 11.9% of their gross state product. For Florida, they say that agricultural production is only 0.6%(!) of the state’s domestic product (p. 41). (Throwing in “food manufacturing” would still bring it up to only 1.38% of the Florida economy.)

One of my themes is that Florida agricultural interests use water, create water pollution, and have an influence in water decisions far out of proportion to their economic importance. Florida farm jobs and farm output are very significant to those in the industry (and for water problems) but not so much in relation to the total Florida economy. That is why our South Dakota agricultural friends can whoop it up about their relative importance.


South Dakota Ag. Department disses Florida? — 3 Comments

  1. Florida agriculture may be less than three quarters of one percent of out total domestic product but it ranks high up the list when it comes to polluting the states water above and below ground and contributing re-election dollars(a form of bribery) to easily bought politicians to make sure agriculture dollars will always come before clean water

  2. At one point, Florida produced l/3 of the winter vegetables for our great nation, I do not think South Dakota can boast that. Florida has become more interested in growing rooftops and shopping malls.

    Farming can always be done more efficiently as new technologies arise. We need water and food. A diverse, reliable food source is key to our nation’s survival.

  3. Winter vegetables are a very good thing but not everything grown is food of that caliber. About a quarter of Florida farm output, for example, is from nursery/greenhouses and sugarcane operations.