Conservative water policy hints

The candidates running for the Republican Presidential nomination haven’t talked much about water so we must extrapolate from their other statements. We can expect policies like the following to appear on their websites soon:

Never forget that the Second Amendment protects our right to open carry of water cannons.

Everything in the world is terrifying so we must have a crash program to conceal pants-wetting.

We must cut water charges for the highest water users. That will grow jobs, jobs, jobs. 

We must get the federal government out of the way of state action in restoring the Everglades.

Fracking and offshore oil drilling all around Florida, baby!

We must stop the import of non-native water. Also the flow of foreign rivers into Florida from Georgia and Alabama. Perhaps by a giant wall.

Barack Obama regularly drinks water and he wants you to do the same!

Hurricanes no longer respect America. We must disregard political correctness and take them down.

Water disinfection comes from the same liberals and so-called scientists that dreamed up evolution, disease vaccination, and climate change. Disinfection will cease on day one of the next Presidency. 

At least, that is what I read between the lines.

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