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Following the law on wetlands regulation

Craig Pittman at the Tampa Bay Times has the story on how the Florida Department of Environmental Protection overruled the professional judgment of its top expert on wetland mitigation banks. Connie Bersok, universally regarded as objective and fair-minded, did not … Continue reading

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Florida Water Management Sub-Districts

Something new: three DEP employees have been placed in the job of Executive Director at the Suwannee River, Northwest Florida, and South Florida Water Management Districts. This is unprecedented. Until the administration of Governor Rick Scott, the district Governing Boards … Continue reading

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Looking at Napoleon Bonaparte Broward

This blog is taking a different turn because the University Press of Florida accepted my proposal to write a biography of Napoleon Bonaparte Broward. Governor of Florida from 1905-1909, he is best known today for his effort to create an … Continue reading

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Gus Speth, “America the Possible”

This website has been about water in Florida but water management priorities are under the sway of much larger forces. That is why a new book from Gus Speth is so interesting. Cofounder of the Natural Resources Defense Council, former … Continue reading

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“Landscapes and Hydrology of the Predrainage Everglades”

What were the Everglades like before they were drained? If one is trying to “restore” them, that may be the most fundamental question of all. In this treasure of a book on the “Lanscapes and Hydrology of the Predrainage Everglades,” … Continue reading

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