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Florida’s C+ grade

The Alliance for Water Efficiency has released a draft national scorecard for all 50 state water conservation programs. The State of Florida got only a C+ grade. Florida scored 12 points out of a possible 40. The two top-scoring states, … Continue reading

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Stormy Weather

The Nicholas Brothers, for the 1943 film “Stormy Weather,” performed an amazingly accomplished tap dance routine in perfect coordination: Marvelous show. That is how I think of the current emphasis on “consistency” among the water management districts. It is a … Continue reading

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Almost a million registered boats

According to the Coast Guard, there were more boats registered in Florida in 2010 than in any other state: 914,535 (Table 37) . (That doesn’t include many non-motor powered recreational craft, which do not have to be registered.) The total, … Continue reading

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“Class 4″ insurance rates

In the 19th century, Florida was a part of the country especially vulnerable to mosquito-borne and other water-related diseases. The 1860 map below shows how that  was reflected in insurance rates: The “Class 4″ zone, according to the “Big Think” … Continue reading

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“Floridan” aquifer(?) “Biscayne” aquifer(?)

Who named these important aquifers? Dr. Garald G. Parker, Sr. (1905–2000). He was a hydrogeologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and the Southwest Florida Water Management District and named both of them. Parker was SWFWMD’s first hydrologist and a strong … Continue reading

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