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“Watercolor” maps

Is a software application that generates “watercolor” maps of Florida close enough to the purpose of this site to merit a post? Sure. Water is often a dominant feature of any map of Florida. The app is a little flaky … Continue reading

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Join the Florida Wildlife Corridor team at Volusia Blue Spring State Park

Last August, before the Florida Wildlife Corridor expedition began, I wrote a brief post about the planned 1,000 mile journey up the spine of Florida. They are now far along on the Corridor and will spend Day 73 at Volusia … Continue reading

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Bottled water and tooth decay

Another reason to reduce or eliminate your use of bottled water in Florida: evidence that bottled water may¬† contribute to higher rates of tooth decay. A report at MSNBC points to current concerns of the American Dental Association and the … Continue reading

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“Who Pollutes? Who Pays?”

That is the descriptive title given by the Everglades Foundation to a study they commissioned with a cumbersome full title: “Enterprise Assessment for the Reduction of Nutrient Pollution in South Florida Waters.” The well-regarded RTI International firm produced a 107-page … Continue reading

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After the next disaster?

Politicians, especially with term limits, have short memories. Even Florida‚Äôs history of weather disasters can be forgotten (be off the radar?). Maybe support for effective water management will strengthen only after the next catastrophic drought or hurricane. At least, that … Continue reading

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