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Snowed in?

It doesn’t look like it will be a White Christmas in any part of Florida. Wikipedia has a list of dozens of snow events in Florida, however, and even charts the monthly frequency. Maybe a bit of snow next month? … Continue reading

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“The Committee maintains substantial concerns as to whether MFLs will be rigidly enforced in the future”

The “Final Report” from the National Research Council on a “Review of the St. Johns River Water Supply Impact Study (WSIS)” is now out. You can read it online or download a PDF of the full report or the summary … Continue reading

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“One thing”?

People are sometimes exhorted to “just do one thing” for water resources. The theory is that if people follow the advice to do at least “one thing” they will find it easier to do “one more thing” and then “many … Continue reading

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Miami (#10); Jacksonville (#31)

No, not sports ranking. A recent compilation of the water and wastewater bills of metropolitan areas included two regions in Florida. Of the 50 metropolitan areas in this sample, Miami had the 10th lowest combined residential service bill and Jacksonville … Continue reading

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Maybe, in 2012, water management can get back on its feet

Perhaps there is something to the pendulum theory of political events: things go too far in one direction and then swing back. For example, the governor inaugurated last January is now, according to public opinion polls, very unpopular. Organizations like … Continue reading

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