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Peter Gleick, President of the Pacific Institute and a keynote speaker at the University of Florida Water Institute Symposium, has just received an award from the XIVth World Water Congress. In his acceptance address, Gleick proposes six steps along a … Continue reading

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Is it when he blinks?

This site is about water management in Florida, not Governor Rick Scott. However, the position of governor is critically important for water management and how a governor acts on other issues provides a useful perspective on water management priorities. Scott’s … Continue reading

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Hey, how full is that glass of aquifer water?

It all depends on your perspective. The St. Johns River Water Management District announced yesterday that it was reducing property tax levies by 26% (Yay? A home property appraised for $200,00 will save a buck-and-a-half a month!) Or do Floridians … Continue reading

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“A bill to clarify who has ultimate budget veto authority”

Mary Ellen Klas reports on a draft of Governor Scott’s Legislative priorities for 2012. Very little on the list pertains to natural resource management. For the present, at least, the state’s water management system is not clearly identified for new … Continue reading

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Deo vindice?

Senate Bill 2156 adopted this last spring directed the creation of a new “Department of Economic Opportunity” (DEO)” including the important matter of an official seal “by which its records, orders, and proceedings are authenticated.” This new agency absorbed the … Continue reading

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