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Natural goodness?

Citrus, especially orange juice, is one of Florida’s best known agricultural products. This industry generates important water resource concerns because it  uses about 800 million gallons a day of water. Additionally, up to 240 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer per acre … Continue reading

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Fire Season(s)

Philip Connor’s Fire Season is about his work at a fire lookout in New Mexico. This year, his region had very high summer temperatures and many wildfires. So has Florida. This last year was the driest on record for Florida … Continue reading

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John Green on “Your Yard is EVIL”

Of all states, Florida has the highest percentage (pdf) of the land area in grass.  Our “water supply” problems mostly are “wasteful irrigation” problems. John Green is not a fan of this landscaping practice:  

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“Top 25 Water Conservation Blogs”

I was very pleased to be included on a recent list of the “Top 25 Water Conservation Blogs.” You might want to check some of them out. My personal favorite sites are listed to the right. If you know of … Continue reading

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How they manage water “back where Scott comes from”

This may turn into a series(!) reflecting on Governor Rick Scott’s incorrect statement in May that they don’t collect rooftop rainfall back where he comes from. Back in Texas, the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District is responsible for 11,850 … Continue reading

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