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Very big irrigation happens on big farms

Most agricultural irrigation in Florida is done by giant corporate operations, not by small family farms. Irrigation systems are expensive to install and maintain, especially on a small scale, and only 5,250 of Florida‚Äôs 47,500 farms have irrigation systems. Of … Continue reading

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“Takeover of Florida water shuts out citizens”

That’s the title of my op-ed piece today in the St. Pete Times. Moving power over water management to Tallahassee takes away the voices of local citizens.

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Reducing WMD property taxes won’t help economic development

It will take a while for Florida‚Äôs Republican Legislature and Governor get past the hangover from celebrating a cut in water management district taxes. Perhaps then there can be a¬† meaningful discussion of whether water management taxes actually do hold … Continue reading

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Like having 3.8 million more people in the Suwannee watershed

What causes the nitrogen problems for the Suwannee River watershed? About 500,000 people plus row crop fertilization plus an enormus number of farm animals. This region is particularly vulnerable to pollution because there is a very close connection between what … Continue reading

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Delay on delivery of “Florida‚Äôs Water”

My publisher now tells me that “Florida‚Äôs Water” is in the printing process but won‚Äôt be available for distribution until mid-July. It is still available for pre-order from the publisher but is called “out of stock” at Amazon(!). I apologize¬† … Continue reading

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