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A better way to pay for water management

A large fraction of the budget for the five water management districts comes from unpopular property taxes. How about having a water use fee instead? The amount of water withdrawn by a user (or the economic benefits from water use) … Continue reading

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More people, not more demand for water in SJRWMD

Combine personal, municipal, and water management district efforts at water conservation, add in a slow-down in the economy, and what pattern do you see? Data from the St. Johns River Water Management District show no increase in overall urban use … Continue reading

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Manual for water footprinting

How much water in that pound of sugar?  In that gallon of ethanol derived from Florida sugarcane?  In that quart of orange juice? A new manual of how to assess the “direct” and “indirect” amount of water in products and … Continue reading

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14th driest year on record

According to the National Climatic Data Center, the last twelve month period in Florida is the 14th driest on record. This is consistent with overall drought assessments at If rainfall patterns in the next few months are below average, … Continue reading

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Like a “Florida Water Board” but much worse

Current gubernatorial and legislative proposals to radically change Florida’s system of water management are like recurrent proposals for a state water board but much worse. Start with the governor’s ideas. Although not mentioned in his election campaign, Governor Scott proposed … Continue reading

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