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Reviewing Florida water policy

The Florida House of Representatives “Select Committee on Water Policy” is reviewing the state’s water policies and expects to do so for the rest of 2011.   This may prove to be the most thorough review since the 1994 Legislature established … Continue reading

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Can a Florida governor make the districts cut taxes by 25%?

Can Rick Scott command the water management district governing boards to change their property tax  level by 25%?  Aside from this being a bad idea, no known provision of Florida law gives him that authority.  In fact, if the governor … Continue reading

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Using basic price signals

Florida water law, as it exists today, is based largely on the recommendations of the 1971 “Model Water Code” written by University of Florida law professor Frank Maloney and several others.   As the Model Water Code recommended for Florida,  surface … Continue reading

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Pollution control now and then

Federal Judge Robert Hinkle approved in late 2009 a settlement of a lawsuit about Florida water quality standards.   He agreed that the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s had failed to to make Florida adopt numeric water quality criteria for nutrients and … Continue reading

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Is Florida in a Drought?

Before answering that question, we have to consider the answer for different regions of Florida, for different kinds of users, and over what period of time.  The U.S. Drought Monitoring site ( on the list of agencies to the right … Continue reading

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